There Is A Place For You Here

Education Ministry 

We are committed to learning all we can about Jesus because of our love for Him and we want everyone to know and love Him too.

Media & Technology

Help to set the atmosphere where people can experience God’s presence by joining our production team.

Men’s Ministry

Men hold a special place in the heart of God. The men of The Sanctuary love God and support each other in their faith.

Missions & Outreach

We have a heart for sharing Jesus with everyone we come in contact with. Sharing includes reaching out to others and volunteering with open hearts and hands.

Music & Drama

Worship has no limits as long as it is done in spirit and in truth. If we are singing or playing an instrument or in dance. Our goal is to worship Jesus.


Our heart is for our youth. We want the next generation to develop a heart for the things of   Jesus at an early age and carry them throughout their lives.

Prayer Warriors

Prayer Works! We love to pray because we know the impact in has in the life of anyone who has made prayer an important part of their life.

Small Groups

Small groups provides more opportunity for connection and fellowship. Interacting in small groups brings closer community and the ability to do life together.

Women’s Ministry

Through support, fellowship, encouragement, activities and prayer, our women’s ministry focus on meeting the many needs of all women.