At The SCC we don’t offer childcare services for your children. We don’t babysit! We do offer a complete organic kid’s experience of God’s word and His love in a fresh and exciting way. Children from infants to 5th grade will be taken on an adventure each week in ways that will bring the bible to life for them. Yes, there will be fun and games but more importantly, there will be a message and purpose behind each interactive song, the games and all the activities your child participate in.

At The SCC, it is not just about your children! Our Children’s ministry works to support families in training their child as the bible commands so that when he or she is old they will not depart from the teaching. Yes, parents are the spiritual leaders in the home, we are here to provide resources, empowerment and support in ways that will allow your child to make Godly decisions when faced with critical life choices.



We know that with the knowledge of social media, usage and access to information technology; this generation of students can change their community and even the world! Our Student Ministry is designed to give our youth an explosive and awesome worship experience where they are free to worship God in their own way.

With group sessions that focus on subject matters that pertain directly to areas of interest for this generation, our students learn lessons through creative methods that ultimately equip them for daily life and their future.

Our goal is to give our young people the tools needed in order to better understand God and His Word so they can be vessels ready and willing to stand for Christ in any environment in order to be a generation that changes our world!



Our Student Ministry is all about teens who gather weekly looking for a place where they can be honest and real with each other and their leaders. With everything that teens face in our world today, there is a need for a place they can go where they can learn to deal with life’s issues directly and gain the knowledge and principles based on Christ-centered small groups sessions, interaction, worship and teaching.

Our teens are given responsibility and taught and given leadership roles in ministry in order to prepare them for the future. Our goal is to support our teens in their growth as they become leaders and affirm them in their transformation into adulthood with a biblical foundation.