That there is one true God and His son Jesus Christ. We believe in the Holy Spirit, The scriptures inspired, man’s fall and redemption, the salvation of man through Jesus, the promises of God the Father, the sanctification process, the church, the blessed hope, ministry, divine healing, and the new heavens and earth.
We know that there are many different people that make up this world. We believe that all people can come together from all cultures and generations to worship the one true God. Our goal is to reach our community and the world for Christ. So you are welcome to come just as you are into The Sanctuary because we know that Jesus is here and He is capable of taking your life and all the baggage you bring to Him and transforming you into person who has hope, love, joy, peace and abundant fulfillment through Him. 
Our worship services are spirit-filled and casual and our main focus is to always present Jesus Christ to all with love and compassion. We are genuinely excited about learning about God’s Word and how to apply His Word to our everyday lives.
The Sanctuary is…an oasis in this world of hopelessness, a shelter from the storms that may be raging in your life, a community of forgiven believers in Jesus who are doing life together. Its a place where The Spirit of the Lord dwells…Welcome to The Sanctuary…you are home!